Touchstone provides consulting, budget cost estimating, design, installation, commissioning and cutover for backup power generator systems.

Generator Systems

Applications include emergency or optional standby generators, new installations and replacements, rightsizing, reconfiguration, complex cutovers and temporary power arrangements. The proper application of automatic transfer switches (ATS) and maintenance bypass switchgear is very important for generator performance. We have designed and implemented many generator redundancy installation and upgrades without the need for costly and complex parallel switchgear. Quick-connect, roll-up docking stations and load-bank testing provisions for generators are increasingly in demand, in place of a permanent generator or in addition to enhance redundancy.

UPS systems with extended battery runtime (typically with various lithium battery technologies) are increasingly deployed to provide a degree of battery energy storage for facilities, to reduce standby generator starts and operation, or to completely eliminate standby generators.

Battery energy storage systems (BESS) are specifically used either to provide backup power for sections of, or for entire facilities, on the order of a few hours, or for peak shifting for energy cost savings, or (to a limited degree) for both purposes. Whereas UPS systems are designed for computer-type applications, a BESS can support cooling and other facility equipment to reduce standby generator starts and operation, or to completely eliminate a standby generator along with all of the emissions, noise, maintenance and licensing that goes with it.