Colocation Data Center in NSW, Australia

May 20, 2021

Touchstone Engineers led remote commissioning of the data center expansion, collaborating with onsite test technicians, vendors and installers.  Contracted with the colocation landlord) and interfaced directly with the tenant (multi-national cloud services company).  Developed test scripts for Levels 4-5 and reviewed documentation for Levels 0-5.  DH1 included a live tenant.  This Cx effort focused on DH2 and DH3 for a total capacity of 6MW IT load, including common power and cooling systems to all three halls.  Equipment included a chilled water plant, Piller diesel rotary UPS systems (DRUPS), STSs, PDUs, MTSs and CRAH units.  Documentation was developed in the cloud company’s format and organized into their PMIS.