Touchstone provides consulting, budget cost estimating, design, installation, commissioning and cutover for plug-in UPS units and hard wired central UPS systems.

UPS Systems

Applications include data centers, server rooms, network equipment rooms, healthcare equipment, call centers, control systems and other critical applications. Projects include new installations and end-of- life replacements, rightsizing, reconfiguration, reliability enhancement, complex cutovers and temporary power arrangements. We have safely and creatively designed and implemented many UPS replacements and reconfigurations with no downtime required.

In 2021 we completed a project replacing an end-of-life N+1 redundant UPS system with two 1.5MW UPS systems, configured as fully 2N redundant, with lithium-ion batteries.

Large UPS systems are increasingly deployed to provide a degree of battery energy storage for facilities for peak shifting, in addition to providing customary utility power failure and power quality protection.

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