Touchstone provides formal and informal facility assessments. Whether an onsite assessment prepares us for design, construction, commissioning or maintenance, or if a formal assessment or a master plan is the required deliverable, Touchstone can cover all disciplines in addition to power. Our process is similar for high-level assessments as for very detailed assessments. We survey and document current state existing conditions while working with you to document the desired future state(s). Then we develop a gap analysis and recommendations, with good/better/best options, budget costs, timelines and implementation risks as required.

  • Onsite Data Center & Critical Facility Assessments
  • Real Estate Features for Sale; Suitability for Lease/Purchase
  • Risk Assessment: Geographic Location, Building Location, Location in Building, Water
  • Usable Capacities, Load Levels, Life-expectancy, Redundancy, Space Requirements
  • Power, Cooling, Airflow, Space, Telecom, Remote Monitoring, Smoke, Fire, Leak, EPO, Security
  • Availability, Reliability, Single-Point Failure Risk Analysis
  • End-of-life Equipment Replacement, Reconfiguration & Rightsizing
  • Serviceability, Maintainability, Energy Efficiency
  • Current State, Future State, Gap Analysis, Tier Level ANSI/TIA-942/Uptime Institute
  • Cost of Operation
  • Strategic Options (On-prem, Colo, Cloud, Leave-behind); 1, 3, 5 & 10-year Planning
  • Upgrade Options, Constructability & Budget Costs, Live Work Risks
  • Problem Resolution: Power Failures, Hot-Spots, Overloads, Root-Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Operations, Documentation & Procedures, Training, Equipment Labeling, Signage, Service
  • Block Diagrams, Sketches, Engineered Drawings Developed
  • Well-organized, Site-specific Report with Concise Summary
  • As-built Drawing Field Verification