Touchstone provides design and construction of electrical utility power capacity upgrades.

Electrical Utility Upgrade Design

Touchstone has extensive experience with campus medium voltage distribution, underground utilities and utilization voltages.

Efforts include effectively documenting load history and future requirements in accordance with utility service change requests. Many older facilities and campuses have multiple services, sometimes with limitations (lower voltage, single-phase) that the utility prefers to consolidate when other service changes are requested.

Design engineers sometimes become overly obsessed with getting redundant utility services from substations all the way to onsite transformers, often at significant coast, when the resources required would be better spent on onsite backup power generator or storage. Even the most robust and redundant utility power service can and has failed in its entirety, for reasons completely outside of the control of the customer. Whereas the customer has control of onsite backup systems on their side of the utility meter.

Micro-grids, often operated from the natural gas utility are increasingly applied for a variety of benefits, including delaying or eliminating the need for costly electric utility capacity upgrades.