Touchstone provides consulting, budget cost estimating, design, installation and commissioning of electric vehicle (EV) charging systems for commercial applications.

Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging

Networked, grid-responsive charging stations allow management of time-of-use TOU and other variable electric utility rate structures.

EV chargers are available with several plug types to match specific vehicle requirements and with several current ratings for various charge capabilities, including fast-charging DC systems. In addition peak power load demand, power quality issues including harmonic current distortion need to be addressed for large-scale deployments.

Today’s applications are almost entirely unidirectional, with energy flowing from the facility to the EV only, largely because of EV limitations. However, EVs are increasingly becoming available with vehicle-to-building V2B and vehicle-to-grid V2G capability. This may soon allow a parking lot or garage full of EVs to provide limited peak shifting and/or backup power for a facility or part of a facility (with proper controls), reducing the need for standby engine generators and UPS systems.