Touchstone provides consulting, budget cost estimating, design, installation, commissioning and cutover for commercial battery energy storage systems.

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

Applications include entire facilities or select cooling and other facility loads to keep operations running during utility power failures. BESS is also applied for peak shifting for energy cost savings, or (to a limited degree) for both for backup power protection and cost savings. If a standby generator is installed, a BESS can reduce starts and operation, or completely eliminate the generator along with all of the emissions, noise, maintenance and licensing that goes with it. A BESS can be installed to provide a few hours of backup then, when needed, a trailer mounted roll-up BESS or generator can be quickly connected to extend runtime.

BESS applied along with onsite solar power generation is increasingly used as a strategy to shift peak energy usage demand and reduce or avoid electric utility peak demand surcharges. Government, tax and utility incentives often make BESS financially viable, improving ROI.